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  • Raw Materials
  • Extrusion
  • Winding
We select the best raw materials available from renowned suppliers. These arrive at our factory in pellets, which are packed in big-bags or octabins of 1000 kg each. First step is to carefully dry these pellets prior to processing them. This ensures the best printing results. For some filaments, we mix different materials together in order to get the specific printing properties for the application. We prefer to use raw materials which are safe to use and which are safe for the environment. Most of our materials are safe for food contact. All our products are 100% traceable to the source.
The extruders are the heart of our production lines. Pellets are mixed under high pressure and high temperature into a homogenous mass. The melted polymer is pushed through a spinneret to form the filament: a long, thin line of plastic. The filaments are cooled down according to a predefined temperature profile. All processes are computer controlled to make sure the diameter of every filament is accurate and within tightest tolerances. Consistency of the filament, also between colours and batches, is crucial to ensure the same performance every time. Diameter and ovality are measured inline by a laser device.
The winding station winds the filaments on a reel. The machine guides the cooled down filament under light tension on the reel from side to side during winding, to prevent tangling during unwinding on the 3D printer. Final manual and visual checks are done by the operator: diameter and roundness check, color and filament consistency. The amount of filament on every reel is carefully measured. After winding, the filaments are stored for 24 hours to cure. We can handle different reel sizes, ranging from appr. 300 grams to 6.500 grams net content.
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Finding the right 3D printing filament for your projects can often be challenging. Here at 3DHub, we are constantly making that job easier for you.